At R.E. Robinson, we believe in making a difference by re-investing into our community to improve our hometown for families and future generations. It is our belief that our success in business should be positively reflected in our role in the community. A business which stands on ethics and principals serves as a role model and by reinvesting its success can positively impact its community in turn benefiting all.

R.E. Robinson Remodeling and Custom Builder, LLC has contributed in donations to different organizations such as The Child Advocacy Center, Haven Hospice, House of Hope, Santa Fe High School FFA, Alachua County Public Schools Teacher Recognition Program, Veteran organizations and more.

By supporting such groups through donations and contributions these groups increase their potential to do greater good in another person’s life.  It is our hope that this chain reaction will lead to strengthened communities, bonded families and a stabilized economy.

R.E. Robinson Remodeling and Custom Builder, LLC is proud of our country, our faith, our heritage and our community, we are honored to serve as a small business bringing our town responsible ethical services. Below you’ll find the organizations with whom we are engaged.

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