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  • “Dear Randy and Bobbie, Eleanor and I are very pleased with our new bathroom and bedroom. We thought that your Project Manager, did an excellent job in managing the various tradesmen to ensure we had a top quality finished product. He also handled the various changes required that became apparent as the job progressed such as relocating the shower drain from the end to the center, raising the wall switches to clear the vanity splash guard just to name a couple. He also scheduled the various craftsmen well to minimize delays and brought them back to fix minor errors or deficiencies. The craftsmen in general were also first class and cooperated with ‘touch-ups’ to see we received an excellent finished product. We hope we can call upon you again if we decide to do more remodeling in the future. Yours sincerely”

    –Eleanor and Dick Curtis

  • “The whole process of adding a office suite was marvelous, G.W. Robinson built the home in 2000. That’s why I went to Randy, who was the person we worked with when we built the house. Randy and Jay carried though with the same attributes we liked during the original building. They put together a plan with costs, and there were no surprises. What I really liked was they checked on progress every day, and their time-line was totally accurate. They have so much experience that they came to us with great suggestions.”

    –BarBee Geiger

  • “They completely turned the kitchen around, they created openings, removed walls, and did a lot of work which we expected to interrupt our day-to-day lives, however, we found the construction passed by quickly and we were back in our kitchen before we knew it. Randy is relentless. Everything goes down in order. He laid it all out, and helped us to prepare for things. Randy and Jay are very meticulous. As remodeling goes, this was a pleasant experience.”

    “I refer them to people all the time, I am in the insurance business. If people need repair or remodeling, they are at the top of my list.”

    –Tony McCallister

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