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  • “We contemplated renovating our master bath for years, but never had confidence that contractors we spoke with would develop our general concepts into the space that we wanted. Then we found RE Robinson Remodeling and we are delighted with our renovated space. Randy, Bobbie and their team of professionals were truly a pleasure to work with. They listened carefully and then explained options in detail that were designed to meet our desire for a functional and beautiful master bathroom. Renovation differs from new construction and the RE Robinson team thoroughly understands how to make the process as smooth as possible. They met every challenge with a calm, professional approach to solve each issue. The result is realization of our ideal master bath and very happy homeowners. It is our pleasure to recommend RE Robinson Remodeling.”

    –With many thanks & warm wishes, Kerry Estes & Hartmut Derendorf

  • “What your company did for us in our bathroom was beyond what we ever could have imagined. Our bathroom now is the most unique room in our entire house. Bobbie was so helpful with her interior designing expertise and brought some wonderful ideas.”

    –Hailey and Dallas Hampton

  • “I appreciated the fact that even though we were living in the middle of the construction, we had clean space. They were very careful to have their areas cleaned up at the end of the day before they left. They did not leave piles of dust, dirt and debris. That was greatly appreciated.”
    “We appreciate the Robinsons’ dedication to our vision; we wanted walnut countertops in our kitchen – a feature we had grown up with but which is not popular in Florida. An outside provider was found who could furnish them, and the Robinsons did more than just incorporate them into the design, they made it happen for us, and they said, ‘We’ve really learned something from you that we truly didn’t think could be done,’ they work with people, even with something that seems quite unusual to them.”
    “Every craftsman they bring in, whether it’s for electric or plumbing or wood flooring, is just superb with the quality of their work, we just enjoy having them around.”

    –Don and Jane McGlothlin

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