Considerations for a Remodeling Project

The following is a list of several items to consider when a remodeling project.  Often we find that many of the same questions are passed back and forth during the first consultation between our design team and clients. The items below should prove to come in helpful as they apply to your project. These are items to consider when starting, we the process moves along and the job description is understood the rest of the plan comes together. Common considerations include the following.

Home Owner Associations: Property lines, setbacks, restrictions, Home Owner Associations and rules your property or structure may adhere to. Having these on hand when the planning process begins comes in helpful when adjusting a proposed construction start.

Property Survey: A copy of your most recent property survey, this is always useful for planning and drafting considerations. This is always helpful for planning and draftsmanship as well as requirement for permitting.

Project Intent: Determine the intent of your project; is it to increase home equity or to expand living space for a growing family or just updating a kitchen for example. Knowing the intent of the project as early as possible helps the design team to assemble the scope of work.

Budget: Determine an appropriate budget for your conceptual projects. This is often hard to make a determination on at the beginning of the process however a conceptual budget will give the design team parameters to define the scope of work.

Selections: Consider product selections which will be used in your project, for example how many paint colors, different plumbing or light fixtures will be used, (quantities). This assists the design team with the scope of work early on.  As the process moves to the next phase R.E. Robinson Remodeling and Custom Builder provides selection options as well as company partners for each area of selections.

Interior Design: Some projects do not require extensive selections coordination as does other projects that require a professional interior designer.  R.E. Robinson Remodeling and Custom Builder does have an interior designer on its team and can provide their services through the scope of work.

Home Repairs: It is helpful to prepare a list of needed home maintenance items outside of your remodeling project.  We find that often while we are in production of a project we can complete miscellaneous repairs as requested by the homeowner.  By recognizing these items early in the process their requirements can be met with out adjusting the construction schedule.

Plans: Drawings, or basic sketches, prepared prior to the first meeting will help the design team understand the intent. A copy of the original plans to the home are very helpful for the design team to build from and can save expenses during the plan drafting phase. Depending on the scope of the job, the draftsmen will meet on the second phase of the remodeling process to begin a working set of plans.

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